Wayne Durksen has devoted his thirty-five year career to creating unique and effective methods that inspire, empower, and motivate the people around him to not only access but maximize their potential in ways that change and shape how they interact and serve their world. Having served in multiple high-level roles throughout his career such as business leader, leadership consultant, ministry and non-profit leader, development coach, board member (on over 50 boards), and top keynote speaker, he’s gained invaluable experience in all facets of organizational function.

Wayne believes that outcomes are created when clarity of purpose is identified, with appropriate responsibility, authority and accountability assigned to the person in charge of its execution. Wayne’s focus begins at the individual level and his rare gift of helping others realize their purpose and potential, positioning them as a powerful and essential element of the whole has helped countless individuals, ministries and organizations maximize effectiveness, create internal cohesion, and clarify their role within God’s Kingdom. He is passionate about serving the people he has the privilege of helping with a particular and strategic focus of instilling character, competence and commitment in the next generation, creating a ripple effect of positive transformation for years to come.


  • Master of Art in Leadership and Management with a Major in Organizational Leadership
  • John Carver Credentialed Policy Governance® Consultant
  • John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach